Time With God... 

Finding time with God can be daunting if this is not somehting you are used to. Yet through the years Christians have hearlded the values of taking daily time with God. Below you will find some resources to get you started...




1. Find a time and place to starting writing. Choose a great pen and find an empty journal and open it up... 

2. Write... Write questions, feelings, document your spiritual journey and converse wtih God. 

Devotional Reading...

1. Carve out 10-30 minutes in your day and make it a priority. 

2. Select a resource to guide you... 


Our Daily Bread

The Upper Room

Alive Now

Weekly eNews Devotion


1. Get away from the world. Find a place where you can relax and focus. 

2. Talk to God just like you were talking to your best friend. 

3. Listen to your heart as you talk to God... what is God saying to you? 

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